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Secure Your World With Us

Security Alarm Systems

HUSKY's proven security solutions for commercial and residential properties range from very basic, cost effective security systems for apartments and small homes or businesses, to elaborate systems that integrate with other low voltage technologies. 


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Alarm Monitoring Services

A complete home security system with 24 hour ULC monitoring protects your family and property not only when you are away, but can provide valuable peace of mind while you are at home too. When you call HUSKY’s Central Station, you always speak to a live person.  Our alarm operators are trained to assist you in the event of an emergency and can notify the proper authorities.

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Video Surveillance (CCTV)

Keep an eye on your home or business in real time video by using your smart phone, home computer, or iPad. 

Let HUSKY utilize its expertise in providing you with High Definition video surveillance and recording, remote camera viewing and monitoring.


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Entertainment & Communication

Besides Security Solutions HUSKY provides the following services for homes and businesses:


•Home Theatre Design & Solutions

•Audio-Video Distribution



•Digital Telephone Technology

•Cable TV & Satellite Distribution System

•Audio & Video Intercoms

•Wi-Fi and Computer Networking

•Connectivity throughout home and business

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