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Alarm Monitoring Service

Secure Your World With Us

Why HUSKY Alarm Integration?

Monitoring of your premises can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by HUSKY’s state of the art ULC certified monitoring station.  When your security system is monitored by HUSKY, you no longer need to rely on neighbors to call the police when they hear a siren.  You can rest assure that proper authorities will be dispatched in case of alarm activation.  Trust HUSKY to handle the monitoring and security of those you want to protect.  Call us today for more information and a free estimate for all your security needs, and join hundreds of residents of the Greater Vancouver Area who have chosen HUSKY to be their security provider.

Benefits of Having Your Alarm System

Monitored by HUSKY:

  • Risk of burglary is minimized

  • Increased safety and peace of mind

       for your family and business

  • Cost-savings on your insurance

  • HUSKY’s local and ULC approved

       monitoring station provides reliable

       and rapid service

Phone Line Not Needed for Alarm Monitoring:

HUSKY utilizes GSM radio technology for communicating signals to the central station.  This technology eliminates the need for having a land line in order to have you monitored and will save you unnecessary phone bills. 

Besides monitoring your property against intrusion or theft, the central station can dispatch proper authorities when the following signals are detected by your alarm system:


  • Fire or smoke

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Medical Alert – Fall detection and Personal Help Button

  • Panic / Holdup

  • Sprinkler or fire suppression

  • Flood / Water level

HUSKY offers discounts on security system installations when monitoring package is taken.  Call our office for details.

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